Stephen Brown

Java / Python / PHP Developer


This page is no longer updated

Since November 2013 I've started my own freelance web development company with my wife. You can find my updated cv here: Stephen Brown's CV.

Technical Skills

Programming: Java, Python, C/C++, C#, PHP, Perl, Bash
Web Development: HTML, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, jQuery, J2EE, Apache, Tomcat, Spring, Pyramid, Flask, WordPress, Responsive Design
Database: Postgresql, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, sqlite
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix / Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris
Version Control: Git, Subversion
IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Microsoft Visual Studio
Agile: Certified ScrumMaster

Employment History

2011 to 2021 - World Pay - Senior Engineer (E-Commerce)

At World Pay I work as a senior software developer, maintaining and implementing features on our online payment platform. Our systems process millions of payments each day, and there is a strong requirement for security and availability.

Key Projects:

Payment Pages - Creating a new set of payment pages using the latest web standards such as HTML5 and responsive design.

Migration from Subversion to Git - Migrating our source control system from Subversion to Git, keeping the full commit history and retraining all technical staff to use Git.

Password Security - Upgrading the password storage of our platform to meet the latest security standards.

China Union Pay - Integrating our payment platform with China Union Pay.

2007 to 2011 - Jagex - Web Systems Developer

At Jagex we create and publish online games, including RuneScape which holds the record for the most popular free MMORPG (online role-playing game) in the world with over 180 million registered users.

Key Projects:

Authentication Server - Server used to handle authentication to all of our products and web pages. Contains records for over 180 million user accounts and needed to be migrated from the previous system with minimal downtime. On days with high traffic an average of over 380 requests per second are handled.

Abuse Report System - A system used to gather evidence of players abusing the game so that they can be dealt with. This is often used to protect children playing the game, and evidence recorded here is often sent to the police.

Billing Incomm - A billing module used to take payments using the Incomm payment service provider.


University of Warwick
2004 - 2007
BSc (Hon's) 1st in Computer Science

Please get in touch if you would like a PDF or Word copy of my full CV.