Stephen Brown

Java / Python / PHP Developer


Update November 2014

Since November 2013 I've started my own freelance web development company with my wife. If you'd like to see a more up to date website about my new company, please click here: Freelance Web Development - Little Fish Solutions.

About Me

I am a software developer based in Cambridge, specialising in web development. My preferred tools are Python and Java, but I have a wide range of experience using a variety of different tools and languages.

I have been working as a software engineer since 2007, and have completed a wide range of projects from simple web sites to large scale server applications that are built to handle large volumes of traffic efficiently and securely.

My services

From single page sites, to complex web applications, I can help you create an online presence for yourself or your business. I can:

All of the sites that I design adhere to the latest web standards, and are designed to display correctly in all modern browsers.

Some examples of projects that I have worked on are:

For more details of projects that I have worked on please see my portfolio and my CV.

How to hire me

You can contact me via the contact page of this website to arrange a free quote, or to discuss my services. If you have any questions at all related to your project, feel free to call or email me for a free consultation.